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detector of austenite

Share the experiences of researchers from Palacký University Olomouc on non-destructive analysis of iron containing materials!

About Austenitemeter

Austenitemeter is a brand new portable device based on Mössbauer spectroscopy. It allows non-destructive and rapid determination of austenite or other iron-phases content in steel. This non-destructive measurement method enables austenite determination even for structures in use without their removing or cutting in just 20+ minutes. The thickness of the analyzed layer is up to approx. 10 µm, the most effective thickness is 5 µm.

In high precision mode it allows detailed phase analysis (iron-bearing phases).

„For the needs of industry we optimized the laboratory analytical tool. Our device will help engineers to accelerate their work by enhacing the precision of samples, structures, or machinery on location analysis.“

Jiří Pechoušek, Leading scientist

Benefits for You

precision mode for detailed phase analysis

fast analysis in 20+ minutes with 2% accuracy (in optimal sample arrangement)

precise analysis with 1% accuracy (long term)

portable for on-site measurement

non-destructive precise analytical tool

phase composition

utility model IP protection

suitable for metallurgy, engineering, material research, archeology, autentification

Principle of measurement.

[Ref. 3]

Principle of analysis.

Technical specifications

low energy radioactive source 57Co

(25mCi or 50 mCi activity)

6.4 keV X-ray gas detector

weight 11 kg

45 cm high, 30 cm wide incl. rails